roasted root

I don’t spend a whole lotta’ time in the kitchen. My husband is the ‘chef’ in this house. I mostly do the clean-up and sometimes a little prep-work…like chopping, grating, slicing, etc.

However, I recently decided that I’d like to change this. My husband usually makes large meals on the weekends. We tend to have leftovers early on during the week, but by Wednesday/Thursday the cupboards are bare. I’m starting to feel like it’s time I learned how to make a few easy dishes to get us through the remainder of the week.

Today was my first attempt and I discovered very early on just how clueless I am when it comes to all-things-cooking!!

I started out by grabbing random ingredients from the fridge. Which brings us to…Issue #1: I had absolutely no game plan. None. No recipe. No vision as to what would end up on my plate. Nothing. Just random food items.


I opted to use brown rice as a ‘filler’. So, I pulled out the steamer, grabbed the bag of rice and…realized that I didn’t know how to cook rice in it. A flurry of text messages to/from my husband followed as he coached me through it.

With that set, I started rinsing the veggies. This was pretty straight forward until I got to the beets. Issue #2: I’ve never in my life prepared beets before. I stood staring at them for a while, wondering what on Earth I was going to do with them??? Until finally I noticed that my limited time was getting even more limited, so I grabbed a peeler and went to work. I decided the best (and easiest) thing to do would be to cut everything, toss them in a baking dish and roast ’em up.


I added a little salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the garlic that I know I bought Wednesday night!!! I ended up skipping it. Hoping for the best, I put it in the oven for about 45 minutes. I had no idea how long this was all going to take. I ended up pulling it out about 10 minutes before it was done, so I could pick my oldest up at the bus stop. Then restarted the oven and cooked it the rest of the way when we got home.

I filled our bowls with the rice, some chickpeas, sliced grape tomatoes and a few spoonfuls of the roasted veggies. It wasn’t the most creative and flavorful meal I’ve ever had, but…it was tasty and very filling. I definitely enjoyed it.

Afterwards, I typed up my very basic ‘recipe’, so maybe next time I won’t need to inundate my husband with so many cooking queries via text!!


4 thoughts on “roasted root

    • lol, that’s exactly how i feel!! i figure if i can manage to put together two meals a week I won’t feel so badly when he’s cookin’ up a storm all weekend long!! thank you!!

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