mile two monstrosity

17-mile long run…complete. I am well over halfway there!! On Saturday, I decided on a completely different route than I normally take. I knew there were going to be a few big hills, but the idea of just a straight out and back seemed a lot better than having to snake through side streets and crossing relatively busy intersections.

There was a monstrosity at mile two that seemed endless!! I started pushing my way through it and at about halfway I looked up to find that the end was nowhere near being in sight. Once I finally made it to the top I still had 15 miles to go.  Ooofah.


In the end, it was a really good run. Very challenging at times, but I was able to push through and felt pretty solid the whole way. Since coming back from my foot injury I’ve been running during the week on the treadmill, so when I head out for a long run on the weekend it’s probably a really good idea to get some hills in anyway. My hope is that it will all balance out, particularly since the NJ Marathon appears to be a pretty flat course. Once it warms up a bit I’m hoping to start getting outside at least once for a mid-week run as well.

In other news, I had to retire my Nathan Quickshot***. Only for a bit, but I was sad to see it go. The Quickshot is beyond awesome, I trained with it all summer last year and it was perfect for the half-marathon I ran back in October. Unfortunately, 10 ounces won’t cut it for marathon training. I tend not to drink a whole ton of water, because I get stomach cramping pretty easily, so I figure 16 oz should be enough to get me through. Of course on race day there will be water stops I can utilize, but I always run with my own water as well. When I stop at a fluid station during a race I tend to take an unneeded walk break and they do add up by the end. So, I utilize them when necessary, but not every time.

The new 16 ouncer I’ve taken out on my 15-miler last weekend and my 17-miler this past weekend and it officially has my seal of approval!! The Amphipod Hydraform Handheld In-Touch. My iphone 4S fits perfectly inside of it (without it’s case and there’s no hole for the earbuds, so you have to loop the wire around and out below the zipper) and there’s room to spare! It’s comfortable and it was definitely worth the investment!


***btw, in the quickshot post linked above i mentioned that it kept leaking…turns out it was NOT the quickshot, but the fact that i was putting a nuun tablet in…the carbonation was creating too much pressure. once i started putting plain water in the leaking stopped entirely.


2 thoughts on “mile two monstrosity

  1. Hey! Your blog was just recommended to me on “freshly pressed and I can see why! 17 miles is a lot! Are you going to do a marathon? The longest I’ve ever run is a about challenging! Can’t wait to read more!

    • I am!! I’m training for the New Jersey Marathon in May. I just ran my first half-marathon last year! I never thought I’d be able to run 13.1 miles, so for me to have finished 17 last weekend was pretty crazy!!! Thanks for visiting and your comment!!!

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