Hot Chocolate Training Run

Yesterday the New Jersey Marathon hosted a Hot Chocolate Training Run in Long Branch. They mapped out routes for a 10k, 15k or 15 mile run. I decided to make the trip down…regardless of the fact that it meant I needed to be up by 4AM (or 3 depending on how you look at it #daylightsavings). There were a few reasons I opted to go: 1) the route would be a 15 mile preview of the marathon course 2) I’m DONE with running the same tired roads all the time, a change of scenery sounded perfect to me 3) it’s always nice to have other runners along for company, even if they are total strangers and 4) i’d be running alongside the ocean, which alone made the drive worth it!!

I made a pretty big jump in mileage for this one. Last weekend I did 11 wonderfully comfortable and relaxing miles, but 15 yesterday?! That’s a big jump, more than I really wanted to make. My plan was to start out with the group and run no less than 13 miles. IF by the end I felt like I was pushing too hard, I would cut it short.

As it turned out, it was a good run and a great experience. I’m very happy that I went. The race directors did a great job with the route signs and the (help yourself) water/gatorade stations. It felt fantastic to have that oceanview during a good portion of the run and just the opportunity to mix things up from my typical routine was extremely nice.

I completed all 15 miles and made it unscathed!


Those last three miles were definitely tough…I ended up taking four short walk breaks during that time. I’m not a big fan of walk breaks, but considering where I was just a month ago I certainly will not be complaining about it!!!

With this 15-miler under my belt I’m now caught up with the weekly long run mileage on my training plan…which means I no longer need to make any ridiculously big mileage jumps AND I’ll be able to fit a 20-miler in before I begin to taper. All very good news.

So, I came home. Showered. Put on my compression socks (which I am now completely in love with and a total supporter of!) and tried to remain as sedentary as possible for about three solid hours.


My husband must have anticipated my refueling needs because while I was gone he baked a double-batch of gluten-free cornbread. I ate half the loaf already. No way will this thing last to see tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Training Run

    • thank you!!! it’s only the second time i’ve gone for a run at the beach, i love it!!

      it was!! he uses the Pamela’s Cornbread Mix that I linked to above…1 cup of water, 2 eggs, 2-3 tbsp of earth balance (butter substitute) and depending on how sweet you’d like it…about 1/3 cup of sugar…

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