on the mat

The experimenting with smoothies continues over here. Typically, I prefer the ‘green’ smoothies.  I use mostly spinach or kale, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes that use oats. I was skeptical at first, I wasn’t entirely sure that they would blend thoroughly, but as it turns out it was great!!


I ended up with a pretty basic strawberry smoothie. A cup of almond milk, a cup of frozen strawberries, gluten-free oats and a dash of agave. Very tasty! I saw one recipe that also called for some cashews, which I bet would be delicious too.

I’ve also been experimenting a lot with yoga. I used to practice (somewhat) regularly years ago. Unfortunately, there are no Bikram studios around here, so once I stopped commuting and starting staying home with my daughter I stopped practicing entirely.

Even without doing yoga during that time, I still found myself thinking about it and wishing that I could start back up again. So, I decided that even if I couldn’t visit an actual studio the time had come for me to at least start doing it at home.


Enter Yoga Journal’s 21-Day Challenge!! I came across this challenge and figured why not give it a shot. I’m already on Day 18 and completely and totally LOVING it! I signed up as a ‘beginner’, but quickly discovered that apparently I either retained enough flexibility from my past practice or maybe it’s due to how active I am in general…but I’m definitely not at the beginner stage. So, I’m using the challenge as a guide, but I’m finding almost all of the videos I use on YOME…which is complete and total (free!) yogi-awesomeness!!


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