on the road

Right. So. Where was I????

Yes, of course, injured. Over a month lost from marathon training. After teetering back and forth between 85-95% recovered I finally decided on February 6th that it was do or die time. I hit the treadmill and figured I would either complete three miles or snap my damn foot in half trying.

As it turned out…it was a pretty nice run. I ran again a few days later. Four miles that time. My foot definitely did not (and still doesn’t) feel 100%, but it’s definitely no worse after I run…so there’s that.

The following weekend I went for my first long run in a month. Seven miles, with a sinus infection. I was very sore the next day. The run itself went well and my foot held up fine, but it was definitely disappointing to feel soreness after a run that just a few weeks earlier was a pretty typical distance for me.

Anyway, ran on the treadmill a few times during the week…then cracked out a 9-miler yesterday. Mile 5 was a beast, but 6-9 were pretty solid. No soreness today. I’ve lost a lot of speed on my long runs, but I’m completing them and at this point that’s the most important thing.

There’s no way I’m going to be able to train for this marathon like I had hoped. There’s just not enough time. I will literally be playing ‘catch-up’ straight through until taper week. As it stands now, in order for me to get at least one 19-miler in, I will need to increase my long run each weekend by TWO miles…as opposed to the preferable ONE.

So, there’s some frustration, annoyance, disappointment…but mostly a whole lotta’ determination to give it everything I have in an effort to at least complete the goal (of finishing) that I set for myself.

I won’t lie. I’m not super-interested in running right now. I enjoyed my ‘break’ a little too much. I started getting a lot more variety in my workout routine and I absolutely fell in love with yoga all over again. I’m hoping that as the weather starts warming up and I find my groove the love of running will return.

In the meantime, I’m breaking in a new pair of Mizunos…because experimenting with new running shoes is exaaaaaactly what you should do when coming off of a random foot injury, yes???????



4 thoughts on “on the road

  1. Girl, I love ur tenacity but u are begging for a compensation injury. Some other part if your body is picking up the slack for that foot. If u increase ur long run by 2 mikes each week u r going to break something else. I wish u the best.

    • thanks!! there are absolutely no guarantees, even if i had remained uninjured i still might have gotten hurt later on.

      i can’t allow myself to make life decisions based on fear. all i can do is try to be smart about the work i have ahead of me, not let pride get in the way if i end up having to do a walk/run in order to finish and not let an excuse stop me from achieving my goal.

      • Fair enough. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone, I meant my comment only as a cautionary piece of advice from someone who has seen it happen more than once. I really do wish you the best, that was not a snide comment.

        • i do appreciate that. i also know how things can turn out. not really justifying myself…more so using this space to focus on the positives, make a solid plan and give it my all!

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