an active EXTENDED break

Ok, so it’s likely a minor stress fracture in my foot. I’ve faced the facts and it’s looking like no running for me until at least mid-February. I’m disappointed, because when I commit to something (ooooh, like maybe a MARATHON) I absolutely 100% have every intention of achieving my goal. So, it was tough to take the training schedule off of the fridge yesterday…my mind and heart are still COMPLETELY in it, but my left-flipper has other plans.

Occasionally, I get a bit down about it, but I will say that there’s a big part of me that has begun to enjoy this break from running. The fact that I’ve lost 4 pounds over the last two weeks is a bit of a bonus too!! And really when you put it into perspective it’s just running. I’ll get back out there eventually…preferably sooner rather than later, but maybe not before the temperature returns to double-digits!!

SO, now that I’m not ravenous 24 hours a day from running obnoxious distances several times a week, I’ve decided that this would be a good time to clean up my eating habits. Last year I tried the green juice thing. I have mixed feelings about it. I loved doing it, but honestly it was expensive and a lot of hard work for very little juice per batch. I would like to eventually give it another try, but now is not the time.

What I did discover while experimenting with juicing was that smoothies not only tasted better, but they took about a fraction of the amount of time to prepare. I decided that once our youngest no longer flew into a screaming-fit at the sound of the blender I would get back to it.  Now here I am…baby girl is completely unfazed by the blender and I’ve been drinking a smoothie for lunch everyday. I tried some regular old smoothies, which were awesome! I’ve also been mixing things up with green smoothies as well.

I tried a Black & Blue…made with spinach, blueberries and blackberries. It was tasty, but I’m not so sure I’ll be using blackberries again. I love them, but they leave behind entirely too many seeds!!


I’ve made a blueberry-avocado smoothie (with spinach) and that one was fantastic!!! Today I decided to get a little creative…I started tossing ingredients into the blender and ended up with a Peachy Green


A handful of frozen peach slices, a banana, some spinach, a cup of almond milk, 3 ice cubes and a dash of agave…


Since I wasn’t following an actual recipe, I was a little nervous about the outcome, but it ended up being just as good as any of the others I’ve tried. Definitely looking forward to doing some more experimenting!!


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