PB2 Smoothie

I have a bit of a thing for peanut butter. I seriously cannot be trusted with an open jar in the house. Last year, I decided that I was a big girl now and since I have plenty of self-control with all other things…well there’s really no reason why I can’t keep some in the house.

Things quickly got out of control and I had to stop buying it again.

Unfortunately, the cravings continue and to top it all off I’m finding a TON of peanut butter flavored smoothie recipes which sound incredible!  So, imagine how excited I was to find PB2 at the food store!


I’d never heard of it before, but it sounded interesting so I tossed it in the cart and was eager to give it a try.  I decided that for my first time using it, I would opt for a very simple recipe. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would taste and I didn’t want to waste prep-time and ingredients on something that could possibly get thrown out.

PB2 had a few recipes on their website, so I went with their Banana Smoothie (I substituted Splenda with a dash of Agave).


It was…fantastic! At first I was a little disappointed that the peanut butter flavor wasn’t stronger, but after a while I decided that this was a good thing. It added just a hint of flavor…which was nice, but not overwhelming and because it’s so subtle I can probably use this in a whole number of smoothie recipes and it won’t overpower all of the other ingredients.


Definitely a successful purchase and I am very much looking forward to trying the Chocolate PB2!


3 thoughts on “PB2 Smoothie

    • The only one of those ingredients that I can never find are the chia seeds! I may need to see if I can order them online.

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