the streets of philadelphia

A few weeks ago, my friend and I met up in Philadelphia. I have to say, for some reason I have a really big soft spot for Philly.


While most women get together for shopping or spa weekends, we get together to run. The Rothman Institute 8k was the fourth race this year that we’ve done together!


This was my first ever 8k, so in a way I was destined to ‘PR’. Philly lived up to it’s ‘fast and flat’ reputation and there was absolutely no ‘traffic jam’ at the start, so I didn’t have to do much weaving before settling into my pace.


I finished with a chip time of 42:40, which is about an average 8:35/min pace. Very happy with that.

As for race day mishaps…I always seem to have one. This time around it was my sock. When I put it on before leaving the hotel I saw a tiiiiiny hole up by the toe. It was so small I decided to wear it anyway (even though I had a back-up pair) and then get rid of it afterwards. About a mile into the race I felt my toe nail digging into the toe next to it. By midway through, with every footfall it dug further in. It didn’t slow me down, but it certainly did not feel great.

By the time I got back to the hotel it was killing me! Turns out the small hole, became a HUGE hole during the race. Two of my toes popped out and the sock was so tight around them, that one nail was under the other toe…thus the digging.

My sock/foot was a bloody mess and even now there’s a bit of blood on the OUTSIDE of my shoe. Apparently there was so much it soaked through. I do this for fun????

Regardless of the bloody sock, it was a great weekend with my friend! And a fantastic location for running!!

city hall


3 thoughts on “the streets of philadelphia

  1. Ouchie!! that for sure sounds painful!! I did almost the same thing once and it took so much work to get the blood outta my shoe! Ewwie!! Haha! Have a great day and spa ❤

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