Approximately 24 hours before Hurricane Sandy knocked out our power for six days…I ran the MCM10k!!! For a little while I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it down to Washington, DC at all. Leading up to the race I was watching the weather channel on a daily basis, trying to get an idea of what the timing would be for this storm.

By the Friday before the race, it was looking pretty good that I could get down to my friend’s house on Saturday, run the race on Sunday morning and then be back home before the storm hit.

Fortunately, I was able to beat the storm back to Pennsylvania. By the time I got back home it was already ridiculously windy, but not one drop of rain the entire way.

As for the race, I have to say it was absolutely fantastic!! The expo/packet pick-up was extremely organized (of course!), it was so very cool to run the streets of DC…

…and to have a Marine put a medal around your neck afterwards was definitely an experience!!

I would have to say that IF I should ever do a full marathon, I’m about 90% sure I would go for the Marine Corps Marathon. Again, I loved being down there for this race, getting to spend time with my friend and really…I don’t think there’s any better motivator while running a race than having Marines lined up along the course cheering for you!!

I would highly recommend this one!! As for my finish time…it was just over 56 minutes, which is about a minute less than my last 10k. Not by much, but still a PR!!!!!!


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