The Great Pumpkin Run

A while back I came across The Great Pumpkin Virtual Race. I absolutely fell in love with the medals for both the 5k and the kid’s mini-mile!! So, of course I registered for it…

I ended up putting my medal towards the 5k I ran last weekend…one race, two medals!! But yesterday was the big day for my daughter.

Originally, I was hoping to coordinate a kids run with some of the other members in our Moms RUN This Town local chapter.  It ended up not working out this time, but in hindsight I think yesterday turned out perfectly. We decided to make it a family run. So, both my husband and our youngest came along…

We ended up running just over 1.5 miles!! She was so excited to get her medal…

and of course her swag bag!!

I’m really happy we went ahead and did this. Not only did she have a great time running, but it was also a fantastic way to spend some time together as a family!!


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