the frozen runner

Officially a week after my half-marathon and I haven’t been doing much running. I wasn’t sore afterwards, I just really didn’t have any desire to lace-up. I got a 4 mile run in on Wednesday and then a 3.5 mile walk on Thursday. I was hoping to get at least one more run in by Saturday morning, but it didn’t happen.

So, I was a little worried about the 5k I was planning to run yesterday. Not only did I not do a whole lotta’ running leading up to it, BUT…it was also the coldest morning we’ve had since last winter. 29 degrees when I left for the race. {bbbrrrrr}

I was freezing, my toes were numb and I was literally shaking from the cold. Yet I kept reminding myself how much BETTER this weather is to run in as opposed to the ridiculous heat and humidity that I was training in during the summer!!! Yes…I’ll take stiff legs, frozen joints and numb toes over 90+ degree temps any day of the week!

I was also pretty excited about this race because I was running with a few members of my Moms RUN This Town group! This was our first official race day together and I’ve gotta say…not only do we ‘run this town’, but we also clean-up at races!!! Two members took first place in their age groups, I took 2nd in mine, another took 3rd and two members won door prizes!!

The course was hilly, but beautiful. There was one area where the fall leaves on the trees parted and we were treated to a gorgeous view of the river. Even in the midst of running like a maniac, I still had one of those moments when the tension suddenly dissipated and it was impossible to ignore the gorgeousness surrounding me.

I didn’t have high hopes, performance-wise, for this race. Just under a week after my half-marathon, only one SLOW run leading up to it and the hilly course didn’t sound like PR material to me. Surprisingly, I ended up finishing at 26:49 almost a full minute less than my last 5k!!

sportin’ my diva half race tee from last weekend!!

Then to round out my race weekend….this morning I volunteered at a local cycling event. This was my first time volunteering. I was pretty excited to do it, it felt like I was giving back for all of the fantastic support I’ve received during my own races in the past.  This was the first of what will likely become an annual event. They ended up with less than anticipated registrations, but everyone was enthusiastic and the organizer’s did a phenomenal job!!

No races for me next weekend!!! But I’m off to DC the following weekend for the MCM10k!!!


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