polar bottle

I was pretty excited this week when I picked up the mail and discovered that my new Polar Bottle arrived!!

The idea is that you either fill the bottle halfway with water and freeze overnight…or load it up with ice the morning of and then fill to the top with water (or your random drink of choice).

Polar’s site states that their bottle will keep your drink cold for twice as long as a standard uninsulated bottle.  This morning was in the 40’s by us and we have a freeze warning for tonight, but I’m very curious to put that to the test once the warmer weather returns!! I’ve already heard from fellow MRTT Chapter Leaders, who live in far warmer states than I do, that Polar Bottle lives up to it’s claim.

As for the bottle itself…it’s BPA and Phthalate free, it doesn’t have that typical plasticky smell that a lot of the lesser expensive bottles have and of course it’s a perfect fit for both the holder on my bike…

and also my spin bike…

I haven’t tried it out during a run yet, but I definitely plan to do so.  I love my handheld, but at only 10 ounces it ran out of water on two of my long runs while training for last weekend’s half-marathon. This bigger (24 oz) bottle would probably be a much better bet for when my long run crosses into double-digits.

I was contacted by Polar Bottle and offered a free sample of their product under no obligation to post about it. My opinions are (as always) my own.


2 thoughts on “polar bottle

    • i can only imagine…it got pretty intense over the summer and we’re in the northeast!!! the one woman lives in TX where she said it’s regularly over 100 degrees…so if it does a good job out there, then i’m sure it’ll hold up to PA summers!!

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