Diva Half Marathon

Yesterday was The Big Day, I ran in the New York Divas Half-Marathon!

Going into it my time goal was around 2 hours and 14-15 minutes…but why run it in 2:14 when you can do it in 2:11:28!!

The race started out on a narrow path looping through Eisenhower Park. It was packed ridiculously tight with runners. The odd thing about this was that at the start line runners were lined up by pace. I figured they would be letting us through in waves. Instead, they just let us all go at once. Definitely a bit of a traffic jam. At first I thought I would ride it out, but there was literally a wall of people in front of me and we were averaging about a 12 minute mile…way below where I wanted to be. So, I spent about the first 2-3 miles weaving. By the time I got through the pack and had some breathing room I kicked it up a notch to around 8:45/mi (my 5k pace). I held onto that for much longer than I should have while running a half, but I was a little panicked about making up for lost time.

I got through the rest of the race without many issues. By about mile 10 I think my earlier sub-9 pace and my lack of dinner the night before caught up with me. I started really feeling it and my pace dipped below 10:00, which was a little disappointing. For a while there I thought I was going to come in under 2:10!!

Regardless, I have to say I’m really please with my performance. I pushed, but not foolishly. I came in with a finish time UNDER my goal and my recovery time was incredibly quick and mostly painless. Oh, and of course there’s the whole ’10 months postpartum’ thing too!

As for the race itself…these Divas know how to run!! The bling was magnificent!! By far the nicest I’ve ever seen…

After crossing the finish line, each runner was presented their medal by a half-nekkid’ NY firefighter, they were also given a rose by a gentleman in a tux…

…and apparently Divas prefer champagne as their recovery drink!!

I will say that traffic/parking direction prior to the start was kind of a mess. However, I don’t think that was the race organizer’s issue, but rather the town. I don’t think they were prepared for the volume of people who descended upon this little park!! I sat stopped dead in traffic RIGHT NEXT TO THE PARK for about an hour. There weren’t enough police directing traffic and once we made it into the parking lot a staff person waved 10 cars down a dead-end aisle that was already FULL. All 10 of us had to make k-turns to get out of there.

Hopefully, they’ll learn from that for next year because overall this race was a fantastic experience. Very girly, very fun. Definitely worth registering for one if at all possible!!!


12 thoughts on “Diva Half Marathon

    • If you get the opportunity I would definitely go for it!! It was a great race…very fun, it had an awesome vibe!!

  1. Congratulations on running a great race! This sounds like a really great race to do, although I think I’d feel extra nasty standing next to someone in a tux. Great job:)

    • thank you!! lol, i did feel a little grungy next to the tux…but holy awkward when literally the second i stepped across the finish line i had a half naked guy within inches of my face putting the medal around my neck!!! i probably would have enjoyed it a little more after the glass of champagne 😉

    • nice! we’ll have to run one together 😉 definitely give this one a try if you have the opportunity! glad you liked the pics…thanks!!!

      • YES! speaking of running together- could you tell me a little bit about Moms Run this Town…. is it a running group? do you have runs together? How far are u from the Poconos? (are these questions obnoxious or what!?!)

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