Time for another break from my typical rambling running related posts! Yup, no running talk in this one. My husband thinks that it’s all I ever talk about, but that’s totally not true. I won’t mention at all about how crummy my 9-mile run was yesterday OR the fact that I am frantically trying to recover from my leg tweak that occurred…not while running…but while rolling. (Foam Roller = 1/Susan = 0) {Seriously. Don’t ask.}

Nope. Instead I’ll talk about sugar and spice and everything…royalty.

My daughter went to a Princess Party over the weekend. The ‘boutique’ that hosted it was so very cute! The girls started by having their nails done, then were brought into a dressing room where they were allowed to pick one of the many available dresses and some matching accessories.

Once they were all dressed-up, they jumped on stage to perform a show for the parents. Singing, dancing, girly-squealing and mass chaos followed.

It was a fantastic time and it further encouraged our daughter’s belief that she IS in fact a princess and therefore should be showered with attention, accessories and cupcakes with heart-shaped sprinkles…at all times.


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