apple picking

Every year we head over to the same orchard for apple picking. I’m certain that there are plenty of closer options, but I’ve been going to this same place since I was a kid.  So, for nostalgic reasons it’s worth the trip. This year I was starting to think that we might not be able to make it. From now throughout the entire month of October our weekends are literally booked.

As it turned out a last minute change in plans (due to my husband’s recent hand surgery) left us with a free day on Saturday. We jumped at the opportunity to take the girls apple picking!

We had perfect weather. I was worried about going so early (usually we go in October), I absolutely need it to be chilly when I go apple picking. There’s been a few times when we’ve had unseasonably warm weather for it and it makes me a little cranky. Fall is my favorite season and I love a crisp day for when we visit the orchard….and luckily that’s exactly what we got.

I feel badly that our original plans were canceled, but I’m very happy we were able to get out and make good use of our free day!


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