run to the hills

As of today I’m four weeks out from the Diva Half-Marathon!!

The training plan called for a 12 mile long run this morning. I had company with me for the first 5.5 miles, it was a new member of the running group. It really is amazing how quickly the time goes by when you’re running with someone! We chatted the entire time, in fact our pace kind of reflected that. So, with about a mile left we picked it up a bit. For my remaining 6.5 miles I averaged anywhere between 9:30-9:45 per mile. This is a bit ‘fast’ for long run days (according to the McMillan calculator), but I wanted to make up for some of that lost time and finish with an average pace that was right on target. Which I did!

I recently started doing hill repeats and I’ve definitely developed a love-hate-relationship with them. Last week I headed back to the same hill and managed to tackle it five times…as opposed to the four I did the previous week.

I don’t know how long it takes to notice an improvement after starting them, but honestly I feel like maybe it’s made a difference already. My long run route is by no stretch “hilly”, but there are some subtle/rolling hills during a large portion of it. Maybe it was the company or the cooler weather, but I felt like I was pushing through them much easier than I normally do. I figure I’ll give the credit to hill repeats, because something that brutal has to be beneficial!

Afterwards, I headed home for a quick shower and then back out for my daughter’s soccer game.  It was a gorgeous day for it!!

Her sport of choice is definitely swimming, but I love that she gets so excited about being active in general. She’s a big fan of soccer and she is so very excited to start gymnastics on Tuesday. She told me tonight that she loves to do all of these things because it…”makes me strong, just like you mommy” 🙂


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