the color run

Yesterday I headed over to New York with friends and finally got to experience my first Color Run. I have to say, it was absolutely a fantastic time!

My daughter was originally going to join us, but apparently she’s more of a swimmer than she is a runner. She wanted to stay home with my husband and head over to the pool instead. I’m not sure if it’s that she really wanted to swim that badly or if she was just missing her Daddy. My husband was gone almost the entire week on a business trip and only got home hours before I packed up and left for an overnight stay at a hotel near the race. Either way, I was disappointed she didn’t join us, but I certainly wasn’t going to force it. She had a blast with my husband and her baby sister and I had a fantastic time with my friends!

For anyone unfamiliar with the Color Run…basically all the runners wear white to the start line. Shortly after beginning your 3.1 mile run you enter a color station, at which point you are completely coated by volunteers with different color powders.

I don’t think I saw one person there who was interested in their finish time. They don’t even have a clock at this ‘race’, probably because people are too busy dancing, laughing, taking pics and basically rolling around in color!

It was such a FUN way to spend the morning.  It felt great to run in an event like this and NOT have pre-race jitters or be physically exhausted afterwards. This is definitely one to do again next year!!


13 thoughts on “the color run

  1. So jealous of the awesome color run stories and posts!!!! I want to do one so badly now!!! They look like a wonderful time!! It’s def on my bucket list for sure!!! Spa love and happy Sunday!

    • i’m sure it’ll be around again next year and keep checking for new dates, they only recently just added some last minute ones in jersey!

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