there and back

We finally arrived home from Florida and it’s official…I am completely done with summer. We’ve had great times in pools and at beaches, but I’m looking forward to some nice cool weather, blue jeans and the smell of apple-spice cake baking in the oven!!

This definitely wasn’t a trip for relaxation. I was able to get about a half an hour or so at the hotel pool and one morning I walked along the beach with the baby for a bit before I headed back for her naptime.

You can’t travel with an eight month old and a six year old and expect a whole ‘lotta down time. Mainly, we went on this trip so that my grandparents could spend some time with our oldest and finally get to meet our youngest. It took a lot of effort. By the time we left we had run our little one (who held up great the entire trip) ragged, but it was without a doubt well worth it!!

On the morning before we left, I was up and out of the hotel room by 7:30 to do my very first vacation run. Our hotel was a block away from the beach. So, I headed towards the water and I was greeted with a whole TON of people. Walkers, joggers, (somewhat dangerous) cyclists. I couldn’t believe how many people there were. Up here I get excited if I happen to pass one or two runners, down there they were absolutely everywhere. The paths were completely and totally flat. The scenery was gorgeous…

It was fantastic! I ended up doing just over five miles and I was back in our room before anyone even noticed I was gone. That will definitely not be my last vacation run!


4 thoughts on “there and back

  1. I always love seeing your amazing pictures! Florida is one of my & the hubs favorite places to vacation and I always try to get at least a few runs in while we there. You’re totally right about the cyclists….they’re crazy!

    • thank you! ha, they were BEYOND crazy! far more dangerous than any motorist that i’ve come across while running! I loved being out for a run surrounded by so many other people like that, looking forward to doing that again one day 🙂

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