you sure it’s not the shoes?

There’s no denying it…I absolutely love my Mizunos. Back in March, when I began running again, I started out with Nike. Within a few weeks I had a raging case of plantar fasciitis in both feet. It was awful. I did a little research, tried on about a million different running shoes and eventually ended up with Mizuno Wave Inspire 7’s. In just a few weeks my PF was completely gone and I haven’t had an issue since. So, you can imagine my frustration when I started getting a black toe nail last month. Right after my virtual half-marathon. Surprisingly, I managed to save the poor thing. With constant TLC it actually started clearing up. Then I went for a 10 mile run yesterday and it’s back with a vengeance.

The thing about black toe nails is that it’s kinda hard to know exactly what’s causing it. Some say that it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong, that it’s basically a rite of passage. They can be so common that some ultramarathoners opt to have them surgically removed rather than have to deal with them later on. It can be the position of your foot/toes as you run (when I get fatigued I start to curl my toes, which obviously causes the nail to rub into the bottom of my shoe). I’ve even read that socks that are too tight can be the cause of it. But the majority of people like to blame the shoes. In fact, just about everyone is quick to say “it’s GOTTA be the SHOES” which ends up reminding me of that Michael Jordan/Spike Lee commercial they used to play back in ancient-times…

Okay. Fine. I give. No, I’m not entirely sure it’s not the shoes. I’m willing to get a bigger pair, but there’s no way I’m getting anything other than my Mizunos. I’d rather have my toe nails surgically removed than have to suffer another morning trying to get out of bed with plantar fasciitis! So, I ordered the exact same pair last night, just a half a size larger. I’m a bit nervous about it, because when I was originally trying to find a pair of shoes I tried on the larger size and it felt a little big. But at this point I’m willing to give it a shot. I need to get this taken care of now since I’m only 8-weeks out from the Diva Half-Marathon!

And on a kinda sorta related note…today’s the day all 8 of you have been waiting for!!  😉  Yesterday was the last day to enter my SweatPink Runner’s Giveaway!! To give it an official feel I used to select today’s winner and it’s….

Mollie at !!! Congrats Mollie! And thank you all VERY much for entering!!!


6 thoughts on “you sure it’s not the shoes?

  1. I hope the new size works for you. I have to go up a full size in my running shoes and I haven’t had any toe issues. A few people have mentioned the toe curling thing and that they think it might be the culprit and I’ve also heard that long nails on toes can cause problems and other have no clue let the nail fall off and then once the new nail comes back they no longer have an issue. I guess it’s a wait and see type of thing. :\ Good Luck!

    • thanks! i’m very curious to see if it works. although based on what i’ve read ( ) i’m not expecting much.i’ve been running double digits on the weekends for a couple of months now and according to the mcmillian calculator ( ) i’ve been consistently training above my recommended pace…so i guess it was inevitable. i have a feeling this is going to be a very expensive last ditch effort to save my nail! if you go up a full size doesn’t your foot slide around?? that’s why i didn’t get the next size up last time around :\

      • That’s what I asked when it was suggested I go up a size & the response was “ur foot slides around regardless” :|. She was right though my foot does shift when I’m wearing normal sneakers the full size up keeps my toes from touching the tops. It took a little getting used to but so far no blisters or black toenails and I’m going on 4 years with giant running canoes on my feet.

        • lol! she sounds super helpful! obviously if it’s too big your foot will slide forward and ALL of your toes will ram themselves into the front of the shoe. it really shouldn’t be so complicated!?! very frustrating. i’m hoping it’s just big enough that if i lace-up right my foot won’t slide too much. my current ones don’t bother me at all for short distances, so after my nail issue clears up i may try wearing those for my mid-week/recovery runs and use the larger size for longer runs. that way my current ones won’t go to total waste.

  2. Thank you — I’m so excited to win!

    And regarding shoes, I wear a bigger size to prevent toe issues. I’ve also noticed that it tends to be a lot worse in the summer. I don’t know if that’s because feet swell when it’s hot, or if it’s a sweat thing though…good luck!

    • you’re welcome!!! thank you for entering 🙂

      it being worse in the summer would follow along with what’s going on here. i’ve been wearing the same shoes since late March and this only started last month…right when the heat/humidity was at it’s worst! hopefully the bigger size does the trick!

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