race journal

Over the last few months I’ve been completely in love with RACEDAY books. I wanted to do something with my race bibs and pictures and this seemed like the perfect idea. BUT…it’s fifty-five dollars. I couldn’t bring myself to order a fifty-five dollar spiral notebook. Regardless of how cool the concept may be.

Then yesterday I stumbled on SMASH books. I found the journals on sale for twelve dollars.  TWELVE?! I got two! I also picked up a few accessories to go along with it.  One book will be for my races, the other I plan to use for my girls. They were definitely the better investment.

This video pretty much shows it all. I started them last night and I have to say I love these books. I love that each page has a different design and I think they have more personality than the raceday notebook.

With several races still ahead this year and planning already starting for next year, I’m pretty excited to fill this book up!


5 thoughts on “race journal

  1. How cute!! I’ve been looking in the craft stores for a similar book to the Race Day book but haven’t really found anything. I loved the Race Day books too but it was way too expensive and I think it only holds 10 races. I would need 2 books to get started and one for next year…yeah a bit pricey.

  2. I totally bought a bunch of SMASH books 😉 I relized that I had a book of things that I wanted to scrapbook for Gray but haven’t had time to do it in 3 years. 😐 I love this concept, thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome! i’m so glad you like them!! the other thing i wasn’t crazy about in regards to the raceday books was the emphasis on pace 😐 the pages are pre-printed with spots to put your pace and where you came in overall. which i guess is good to keep track of (on dailymile maybe!), but i wanted this to be more about my memories and keepsakes from each race and not so much about my running progress…

  4. Those are adorable! I’ve never heard of them so I’ll definitely have to see where I can find them. 🙂 One of my nerdy (hey, I embrace it) characteristics is my love for scrapbooking. I love memorabilia and think that it’s a way for us our future selves to reconnect with our past. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

    • don’t all of us have a nerdy-side to embrace??? 🙂 i love holding on to all kinds of things like event tickets, shells from the beach, etc. having these things to look back on definitely trigger some great memories! i hope you find them!! they were a little over twelve bucks at walmart if you have one nearby 🙂

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