the birdcage

Pretty much all day yesterday my laptop was completely worthless. Somewhere during my online wanderings I picked up not one, but about twenty different viruses. My husband let me know that they were ‘nasty ones’ too. He spent about three hours last night completely clearing all of the nastiness out of my computer and getting me back on track. I have to say, I have NO idea how people get by without constant in-house tech-support!? He’s definitely a handy-guy to have around.

When I wasn’t exposing my poor laptop to virtual-mindfields, I took the girls to the zoo on Thursday. Oddly enough we spent most of the day inside the birdcage…

For $2 the kids were able to bring in a popsicle stick covered in peanut butter and birdseed.  They were absolutely blown-away when the birds landed right on their sticks for snack-time.

This is how we ended up missing the wolves, kangaroos, snakes, etc. and instead hung out with your standard run-of-the-mill pet birds?! The kids did have a BLAST though and that’s all that really matters. Besides, we’ve been to so many zoos the last few years that I’m guessing the tigers and elephants are no longer a unique experience (a sad thought). I’m thinking we should liven things up with an aquarium next time…


4 thoughts on “the birdcage

  1. How cute! I’m planning on taking the kids next week when we’re visiting my parents. At the festival in town last June they had a butterfly garden where people could dip their fingers in a sugar mixture and the butterflies would flutter onto our hands. Gray LOVED it and ended up with several butterflies on her hands and arms. I however am terrified of bugs ANY bug, including butterflies so the experience was more nightmare inducing for me. I’ll happily walk into a bird garden, birds are ok in my book.

    • lol! well be careful…they have a butterfly garden at turtleback too!! there’s also a big one at the bronx zoo that we’ve been to a few times, R LOVES it! to be honest, i was kinda surprised that none of the birds left a present on my shoulder while in the cage o_O

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