a craving

My birthday is right around the corner and we’ll be spending the day with my Aunt. She was absolutely adamant that I bring some type of dessert to ‘celebrate’ with. She said that if I didn’t then she would go out and search until she came up with something (gluten, dairy and soy free) for me to eat.  I’m not much of a sweets-person, but I do love cherry pie and it just so happens that I knew exactly where to get some!

Katz Gluten Free is beyond awesome. Every single thing that I’ve ever tried from them has been without a doubt the best I’ve had since going gluten free.  Although I don’t order from them much. Mainly because it would be entirely too much temptation having this stuff lying around the house. I’m far better off only ordering a couple of times a year as a treat.

The cherry pie is very good, their sugared poppers are fantastic dipped in either a hot cup of tea or coffee, but it’s their bread that nearly brings tears to my eyes!!  It is the closest to REAL bread that I’ve gotten in three years. It tastes good, but most importantly the texture is nearly perfect! Texture seems to be a huge issue for gluten free foods.  Usually it’s never quite right, but somehow Katz comes extremely close! (btw – they should totally be paying me for this glowing review…if not in cash, then at least in challah bread!)

While I’m on the topic of food…

My husband came home the other night with a new snack for me to try…Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale.

This wasn’t my first time having Kale Chips, but it was the first time I had them prepackaged and not fresh from my kitchen. Huge difference. Big. Massive. Almost an entirely different species. That’s not to say that they were terrible, because they weren’t. They just weren’t the same. My daughter (who LOVED the kale chips I made at home), took one bite of these and wouldn’t have anymore. I had a few pieces and thought it was okay. I think it’s pretty obvious that something like this would be monumentally better made fresh.  However, if you’re willing to trade a bit of the fresh taste for the convenience of having them prepackaged and ready to go then they’re not bad at all. But now here I am, with a serious craving…wishing that I had picked up fresh kale at the food store last night.


2 thoughts on “a craving

  1. I am so glad I don’t have to be gluten free it seems like such a struggle for some people (mostly if stores carry what they need) but I do love me some cherry pie! And I don’t know why but the fact you called it the “food store” made me laugh and choke on my rice

  2. eating out and having convenient snacks-on-the-go can definitely be a challenge, but i’m just thankful that my health issues turned out to be gluten related and not something more serious! lol, sorry!! maybe it’s a regional thing??!

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