summer time capsule

On Monday, my daughter’s pick from the activity jar was a Summer Time Capsule.

It was a cute project and she enjoyed coming up with answers to the questions about herself…

…but my absolute favorite thing that morning was how we were able to get the baby involved too.  I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of them doing their first craft together, but with a seven month old covered in fingerpaint…my hands were a bit full!

We’ve already started gathering things that she wants to seal-up inside of the box…

Next week we’ll be at the shore and she’s planning to pick out two shells (one for herself and one for her sister) specifically for the time capsule.

On the site where I found the templates it suggested that you not open the time capsule for three years. Which to my six-year-old daughter would basically be the equivalent of telling her this thing will be sealed forever. So, I told her that we’ll close it up at the end of summer, she can re-open it next summer…add more things to it and then continue on each summer until she becomes ‘too cool’ for it. Until then it was a great activity and a lot of fun to come up with ideas for keepsakes to put inside!


3 thoughts on “summer time capsule

    • maybe if you set aside a few things this year, then by next summer she’ll have something to look back on and it’ll help her grasp the idea. i’m sure eventually she’ll love it 🙂

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