post-baby fitness

I was thinking that now might be as good a time as any to do a post-baby fitness check-in…

On February 18th, about nine weeks after the arrival of baby#2, I got back on track with exercise. I started with spinning and weights. Running wasn’t even on my radar yet. I had tried it several years ago, but unfortunately the timing was horrible. Back then, I was suffering with an undiagnosed case of Celiac Disease. I was in such constant pain that I gave up running and relied heavily on my spin bike for cardio. Though I honestly have no idea how I was able to keep that up either?!

Once I was finally able to get my GI issues under control I wanted to give running another shot, but I never got around to it. After the little one was born, I decided (in March) that it was a good time to try starting up again. And of course I’m very glad that I did!!!

I’ve been exercising about six days a week. I basically squeeze my workouts in whenever I can. There are days when I’m up at the crack of dawn (sometimes before) and I’m done before the rest of the house wakes-up for the day. Then there are nights like this past Monday.  I trudged down into the home-gym at 8:30 at night, desperately wanting a pillow and a blanket, but instead picking up two 15 lb weights.

It sounds like a lot to some people, but honestly it’s not. My long runs can get a bit time-consuming, but that’s only once a week. I usually go on a Saturday morning and most times I’m done by 9:00AM. The rest of my weekly workouts are under an hour. In fact, twice a week my run is usually between 30-40 minutes…

I didn’t always love to exercise, but after a lifetime of struggling with my weight I got into the habit and I’ve never looked back. Working out is part of life for me. I’m not planning to stop once I reach a certain goal, I plan on continuing (hopefully) until I’m an old and grey mall walker!

With my first daughter, I gave myself a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It didn’t take that long. This time around my target was six-months postpartum. Below is a pic of me seven months pregnant and a pic of me from today…seven months post-baby.

I reached my six-month goal and I haven’t looked at the scale since. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from pregnancy it’s that your pre-pregnancy weight and your pre-pregnancy size are two entirely different things! I’m currently at my pre-preg weight (possibly below it), but there are pants that still do not fit. Hips widen, weight redistributes, in general snit happens. Do I care? No. Not really.

I’m in a really great place right now. A place where I’m not so concerned about the squishy parts that once upon a time were not. A place where I would much rather go UP a pant-size in order to be comfortable, rather than opt for the smaller size that might be a weeee bit snug. The squishiness, the number on the tag…it doesn’t matter.

What matters to me is that I am fit right now. I mix up cardio, strength training and core exercises. I feel strong and happy with where I’m at physically. And oh-my-goodness-thank you I feel healthy. It’s one of those things that we all know…health…we take it for granted until something goes wrong. My health felt horribly wrong for three years. So, for me to feel this good means way more than what’s reflected on the scale.  It also goes to show that if you stick with it and make decisions based solely on improving your quality of life everything else (including your shape) will fall into place.


3 thoughts on “post-baby fitness

    • thank you very much!! everybody kept telling me how ‘tiny’ i was when i was pregnant and that the baby would be a ‘little peanut’. kid was over NINE POUNDS!!! ‘peanut’ my !*#$@* 😉

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