plank a day

Since finishing-up my last fitness challenge I’ve wanted to find another. Unfortunately, every time I sit down with my laptop I get completely sidetracked and eventually run out of time. It’s disappointing because I was hoping for something good to take me through the rest of the summer.  It’s still on my to-do list, but in the meantime I’ve decided to go with #plankaday.

If you spend any length of time on twitter it is impossible to not notice all of the planks going on. I resisted at first. Mainly because I do planks a couple of times a week and that seemed more than sufficient for me.  But seeing it all over the place definitely piqued my interest and honestly…I spend a decent amount of time on the floor playing with both my six-year-old and seven month old daughters.  So, ‘ya know. Since I’m down there already.

Today was my first official day. Exciting! Or maybe not. To be honest, in my humble opinion, the traditional plank could quite possibly be the single most boring contribution to the fitness community. I’m not saying that it’s not useful or that it isn’t a great idea to get into the habit of doing them. I’m just saying that I find running on the treadmill for six miles, in my basement, facing a blank wall…to be less mind numbing.

The first 30 seconds or so I had to repeatedly stop myself from going all P90X2 on my plank…

But I resisted and held a traditional plank for just over three minutes.

I think I probably could have gone longer, but last night I effectively destroyed all of the muscle tissue in my deltoids* with my free-weights, so they were kinda pissed and a whole lotta shaky this morning.

I think the biggest thing that would help to improve upon plank-time is to have something to occupy your mind. Rather than just staring at the timer, it’s probably a good idea to have some kind of distraction to make it go by faster.

So, there you go. Who knew I’d have so much to say about a plank???

*wow, did spell check after typing this up. ‘deltoid’ came up misspelled? when i clicked to see it’s suggestion they offered-up ‘Altoid‘.  Really?


10 thoughts on “plank a day

  1. 3 minutes is a seriously impressive plank- way to go!! I have linked some of my shin pain to extra planking (in barefeet) so I’ve realized shoes are a must for me. But maybe I’m the only one with that issue!

    • thanks!!! i can’t do planks in barefeet! it feels strange to me. this morning i actually put sneakers on just for those three minutes because i’m too uncomfortable without them!

    • thanks!! i’ve been doing them for a while now, so like you i had to work my way up to the point where i can hold it for that long. it also helps that in p90x2 there are several non-traditional planks that aren’t just stationary. you need to engage your core while you move, twist, balance, etc. after doing those for a few months i guess the traditional ones start to seem a bit easier!

    • lol, at first i thought maybe PPH was a bit excessive, but i’m warming to the idea. we could randomly hit-the-deck at the food store or bank and the girls would know to immediately start with “1 mississippi, 2 mississippi…” 😛

      i thought i saw somewhere else something about 8 planks per hour…now that’s just showing off!!

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