to the ballgame

Yesterday was a rest day for me. So, instead of heading out for a 30 minute run, I packed up all of our gear and we took our six-year-old and seven month old to a New York Mets game for the day!  Yeah. Lots’a rest going on here.

We had incredible seats…

My husband has been a huge Met fan all of his life and he’s been dying to have the opportunity to check out the new Citi Field.

It was a beautiful stadium and a gorgeous day! Unfortunately, the sun was beating down hard on our seats. All of us were overheating, but it was entirely too much heat for the little one. Poor thing was sweating like crazy. So, I ended up watching most of the game from the shaded area by the concession stands on our level.  There was a cool breeze up there, baby was happy and we still had a great view.

This is the second ballpark I’ve been to recently where I’ve found a gluten-free stand. (Hey Phillies, we many not care for you in this house, but I love your city and I’ve gotta give you guys some gfree credit!!)

They started the game with a moment of silence for Aurora, which was an extremely kind gesture. Then of course the national anthem. What is it about the national anthem at a game?  I cannot be at a sporting event, standing in the crowd, listening to the national anthem and not get choked up?!

I’ve also never heard a celebrity sing it as beautifully as I have the average-everyday, local person does. There’s something about stripping away the over-the-top/out do the last musician tendency and instead have someone with a beautiful voice sing it with simplicity and purity.  It swells the heart and reminds me that although our country has it’s fair share of problems, it is and always will be my home.


6 thoughts on “to the ballgame

  1. I love that more and more places are jumping onto the GF train, it makes life so much easier for people who can’t have it! I personally do not enjoy baseball, at all, but I’m glad you guys had such a good time and that you found some shade for the little one.

    • it really is great! i always go places prepared with my own food/snacks, so it’s a pleasant surprise when i find something like this 🙂 thanks! it was a fun way to spend the day with the family!

  2. Wow your seats look amazing!!! My friend I went with was impressed with my post-game “energy” to run too…haha energy might be the wrong word though — let’s go with “habit”?

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