the forerunner

Speaking of birthdays…

My (early) birthday present arrived this week! My husband bought me a Garmin Forerunner 410!! He knew that I wanted one (what runner doesn’t??), but that I would never…ever…buy it for myself.  I seriously could not justify the price.  I run with my iphone and I have a free pace-tracking app running the whole time. So, a $200+ watch seemed wasteful to me.

Wasteful, but extremely cool!!

I tore open the box on Wednesday…and then had no idea what to do with it. I mistakenly thought I could just slap it on, push a button and go out for a run. As it turned out, it requires a little more time than that. In fact, I may even need to sit down and read the manual. Fortunately, it came with a plethora of them.

As far as I can tell, the only language not represented is Elvish.

Eventually, I figured out how to assemble the power adaptor (yes, even charging it was not quite so straight forward). Once that was done, I put it on…pushed a bunch of buttons and eventually got to the screen I was hoping for.

It worked great! I know that there are several features on it (such as a virtual buddy) that I need to read up on, but so far I’m a little in love.

However, I will say that it’s a bit…big. And kinda sorta…heavy (though not as uncomfortable as a cell phone strapped to my forearm). I feel like I’m running around with one of my husband’s ‘tank’ watches on my wrist. Recently, it’s been impossible to avoid the whole Bia buzz. They eventually got the backing that they need and it will go to market, which is great! But I’m glad that I won’t need to wait a year for one of these. It’s not so large that it will be an issue and its utilitarian style will allow me to share with my husband if he should ever want to use it.  Because I’m nice like that.


7 thoughts on “the forerunner

  1. Contracts on the new gear! My polar is almost 2 years old & i still don’t know how to fully utilize all its functions, the PTs at the gym set it & adjust it for me :p

    I’m loving the bia! I want & now i have a year to kill my polar woo!

      • ha, when i saw ‘contracts’ i thought you were gonna try to strike a deal for it! 😉

        the good thing about birthdays is that they come every year…presents too! maybe steve will inherit the garmin next year and i’ll get the bia. i’ll use his favorite ‘wha? it’s new to you.’ line!!

    • thanks!! for a little while there i wasn’t so sure about it. since i run with my phone it seemed a little excessive. but i think i’m slowly starting to warm up to it!

  2. MG got me a new watch for Xmas and it’s a Garmin 405cx 😀 I’ve been using it almost every day since it arrived and I have to say I’m in love with it. As I’m sitting trying to figure out how to set up the screen I remembered you blogged about your watch so I’m being creepy and commenting on a 6 month old post 😛

    • lol! I saw your comment pop-up on my phone and I thought: “OMG, I still have a blog!?!!?”.

      uhm…most fantastic christmas present ever!! when you figure out how to use yours, let me know. i know how to start it and stop it, but other than that i have no clue. in fact, i think it came with a heart rate strap that’s still in the box : \

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