birthday breakfast

As birthday week (month?) continues, yesterday was The Big Day. Our oldest is now six-years-old. From the moment she woke up she reminded me of this.

“Oh, I can do that Mom. Six-year-olds can handle it.”
“I can carry that for you, six-year-olds are stroooong.”
“Look at this dance I made up. Six-year-olds are great dancers.”

You get the idea. Very cute!

I decided to get the girls up yesterday morning and surprise her with a birthday breakfast. I gave her a choice of restaurants and told her she could order anything she wanted.

It wasn’t a big surprise when she picked the restaurant that serves her favorite…rainbow pancakes. She orders them every time we go there.

The little one was a complete and total angel at the restaurant. Perfectly happy sitting with us and looking around at all of the activity.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and stopped at the bakery for birthday cake #2.  This one she was allowed to pick out herself.

I had hoped that I would get them to the pool yesterday afternoon, but the storm of the year came through and put a stop to that plan. Still, we had a great day together.  After my run last night, she opened the rest of her birthday gifts (she’s been getting a couple every night since her party over the weekend) and she got to dig into her Tinkerbell cake.  She was up way too late last night playing with her new stuff, but I think it’s safe to say she’s had a fantastic 6th birthday!


4 thoughts on “birthday breakfast

  1. We have a a lot of food-based birthday traditions in our family but I never thought to include breakfast! So that’s another thing that six-year-olds know.

    • they’re brilliant! it helps that she’s a ‘summer baby’, so we don’t have to worry about rushing off to school 🙂

    • thanks! it really is! and apparently bday month continues…last night i found more presents hidden in the car that i forgot about. guess i better start keeping track of my creative hiding spaces!

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