the pink pirate

A few weeks ago, my daughter decided that she wanted a pirate-themed 6th birthday party. I absolutely love that she picked this theme! Not only was it so much fun to plan, but it was extremely easy to accommodate both the girls and the boys on our guest list.

I think we ended up having around 15 kids, it was total chaos and at one point I had no idea how many people were here because they were scattered all over. Some inside, some in the front yard, others out back.  I literally didn’t stop all day. Constantly moving and making sure that things were moving along. It was a huge effort, but it was absolutely worth it…

I’ve decided that dailymile really needs to add both ‘Birthday Parties’ and ‘Amusement Parks’ to their workout options. I am way more exhausted and sore today than I was after running 13.1 miles!?!!


8 thoughts on “the pink pirate

    • thanks!!! i agree! i gave her the option of cupcakes or a regular cake and she requested a “HUUUUUUGE cake”, so that’s what she got 🙂

    • thank you! such a fun theme! we set up a huge camping tent in the back (with a skull/crossbones flag on it) and made it into the pirate hideout…i set up nautical-themed crafts in there like sand art, pirate foam stickers, scratch art, etc. at the start i hid a treasure chest in the yard with pouches filled with jewels and eyepatches. the kids had to run around, working as a team, to find it then split the ‘booty’. good luck with your planning!!

    • don’t tell anyone, but right before the pinata i almost took a GU :\ exhausted!!! thanks!!

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