moving fast

They say life is what’s happening when you’re not blogging. Things have definitely been moving along here!

First up, I’ve gotta rave about CharityMilesagain! The kind people over there sent me a free t-shirt with a very sweet note inside telling me to ‘keep up the good work’.  You’ve gotta love that!  Not only was it ridiculously nice of them to send it to me, but the shirt is super-comfy too…

Friday kicked-off a crazy few days for us.  My oldest decided to go to her last day of summer camp, but wanted to leave early so that she wouldn’t miss her first day of swim class.  Mommy-Chauffeur at your service!

The little one was schlepped all over the place by Friday afternoon, but she held up great. Not only were we able to get it all done, but she was even up for a little pool-time.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early, as seems to be the new norm.  I headed out for what should have been an 11 mile run.  Unfortunately, I live in the stix. I ended up losing my cell signal shortly after starting and it was cutting in and out the entire way. I had to guesstimate my mileage.  I’m sure you can imagine my complete and total frustration after I got home, mapped it out online and discovered that I missed it by a half a mile.  Ugh!!!  Regardless, another strong run…in the heat, with hills.  I may have unintentionally missed my mileage goal, but I was still pretty happy with the run overall.

There was no time for resting afterwards, this coming weekend we’ll be celebrating our daughter’s (pirate themed) birthday.

So, it was a quick shower and off for pretty much an entire day of errands and present shopping.  I made about three million stops, but I was able to squeak in a couple for me.  I had to make an emergency GU and (gluten-free) Pizzelles run.  Wha? Italian cookies make an excellent recovery snack. Really.



4 thoughts on “moving fast

  1. A half mile off isn’t too bad for guessing! Great job on your long run. And that pizelle looks amazing. 🙂

    • thanks!!! very true, i would have felt even worse if i got home and found out i missed it by a mile or more! oh, they totally are 🙂

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