on the run

I’m currently in the midst of a very laid-back kind of week. My husband has had two days off from work, the baby is napping during the day like a champ and my oldest has been in summer camp from 9AM-4PM every day…

I’m trying to take advantage of this time until things pick back up again next week.  I’ve been able to get outside for a few extra runs.  In preparation for our 92-mile relay next month, I’m trying to make sure that I do as much running outside as possible.  Not only so that I can get used to running on different terrains and varying elevations, but also to try to acclimate to the heat and humidity that’s been hanging around lately. I’m also starting to take a look at the relay packet…filled with maps and info regarding all of the stages.

Despite the weather, I’ve had some really great runs…

This morning, I ended up doing a 4-mile treadmill run before the girls woke up.  It felt like forever since I last ran on it! I ended up pointing all available fans in my direction and enjoyed every relatively cool (and flat) moment of it!

I have an 11-miler up for Saturday morning and then a full day of errands as I finish-up with preparations for our daughter’s 6th birthday party next weekend. She wanted a pirate themed party…how awesome is that???


6 thoughts on “on the run

    • hey thanks! i’m only responsible for about 12 or so miles, so it’s not really that bad…i guess :\

      the theme she picked out is adorable, a skull/crossbones wearing a pink bandana. but here we are a week out from the party and i’ve received about a million ‘maybe’s, so i have no idea if we’re having 14 kids or 348?!?! when did rsvp’ing become passe??

      • lol I never have any luck with people rsvp-ing either, it seems like we either get a manageable handful or everybody and their brother show up. Good luck, I hope you’ll post pictures! 🙂

  1. oh, good so i shouldn’t take it personally! thanks…knowing me i’ll have a full memory card in my camera by the end of the day!

  2. I love the theme! Gray was all over the map with themes this year so we ended up with 2. She did say she wanted next year to be a princess laser tag theme so I hope she sticks with it. lol

    Wish we could make it! If it makes you feel any better you were the only one who RSVP’d for Grays party, everyone else didn’t even respond they just showed up. 😐

    I’m kicking myself for not putting Gray in more day camps this year…dang. How’s your hot running coming along?

    • thanks! lol, princess laser tag = awesomeness!!!

      Me too, but I totally understand. It ain’t right…we still have 14 invites unrsvp’d. At this point they’re ‘no’ in my book, but I waited as long as possible before I placed the goodie bag order, ended up spending $50+ in shipping 😐 So much easier having it at a bounce house place with just a handful of kids…BUT there’s something so much better about the backyard party even if it is a massive pain to plan for!

      Yeah, we thought about doing it for another week, but swim class started up and she’s got park dates with her friends, yadda-yadda. I think next summer though I’ll sign her up for two weeks because she really did love it.

      Good!!! The heat took a break for a bit, last night’s run was cool and rainy…PERFECT!!

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