something fierce

I’ve been doing considerably less updates on the baby than I thought I would.  I think there’s a lot of factors going in to that, but mainly it’s probably due to this being the second time around for me.  That’s NOT to say that I don’t find every single thing she does to be absolutely fabulous, because I do!!  It’s just that I’m not obsessing over milestones, timing and whether or not I have the biggest/brightest/most advanced baby in the world.

Obviously, I’m making sure that her development is moving along at a normal pace (it is), but mostly I’m just enjoying her!!  I love my girls somethin’ fierce!!  I don’t need to track her every soiled diaper, the date/timing of every move she makes nor compare her to all the other babies in the nearby vicinity.  Instead I’m practically smothering her with affection and attention. I’m trusting my own instincts and have faith that the loving environment she’s been welcomed into is all that she needs right now.

I’m also sitting back and loving the relationship that is developing between her and her big sister.  It is beyond gratifying.  My oldest has been in summer camp this week.  On the first day when she got home, her little sister was frantic to get into her arms!!  So very sweet…


2 thoughts on “something fierce

  1. Those are the sweetest pictures! That’s awesome that the girls are bonding so well.. sisters are the best. 🙂

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