After attempting to find Vega protein shakes in several different locations, I finally gave up and placed an order online.  The big draw for me was that Vega clearly marks their products gluten, dairy and soy free.  They also describe themselves as offering ‘clean, plant-based nutrition’, who wouldn’t appreciate that?!

I didn’t get carried away with the order. Vega may be exactly what I was looking for, but they’re also rather…pricey.  So, I just went with a few individual packets in different flavors to give it a try.  I also didn’t want to get carried away with buying massive quantities until I knew for sure that it wouldn’t annoy my ridiculously delicate GI tract.

I’m happy to say that I did absolutely fine with all of the items I purchased.  I’m so excited about the individual packets. I haven’t seen anything (that are safe for my consumption) like that before.  With all of the races and traveling that I’ll be doing this year, it’s fantastic that I now have something convenient that I can bring along with me.  This way I won’t have to live on Larabars while I’m away*!!

A few days after the order arrived, my husband happened to be in Whole Foods.  He hit the Vega-jackpot there and came home with a whole slew of goodies for me.

I actually found the Vanilla Chai flavor to be the best of the shakes I’ve tried.  The Electrolyte Hydrator…weeeellllll.  Let’s just say I’m not so sure I’ll even finish all of those packets.  So, nuun can rest easy that I’m still a loyal fan!

As for the Endurance Gels.  I took one before my run on Sunday morning.  It worked just fine, but I have two issues with it:

1) The packaging is too big.  It’s much larger than the Gu pouch.  As a result, it doesn’t comfortably fit in the zippered pouch on my quickshot.

2) There’s…stuff…in it.  At first I thought it was raspberry seeds, but when I read the ingredient label whole raspberries weren’t listed, but dates were.  So, maybe it was date-chunks?  I’m a little torn on this because part of me thinks, “WOW! Awesome! There’s actual FOOD in this.  It’s not just some artificially created glop mass produced in a plant somewhere.”. Then there’s the other part of me that seriously does not want chunks of ANYTHING in my gel.  I want to eat (drink? consume?) my gel, take a couple swigs of water and forget about it.  Picking seeds out of my teeth during a 10 mile run is not okay with me.

In the end, I’m going to stick with nuun as a hydration aid.  Gu for my endurance gels.  And Vega has earned a spot as my post-workout recovery drink.

I’m very happy with my line-up.  It only took me…what? Three months to get it straight???

*That’s actually not a joke. Shortly after discovering that I had Celiac, I went to Florida for three days.  Being a newbie I had NO idea what I could eat and at that point I was still associating food with pain.  I literally lived on Larabars the entire time I was away.


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