well spent miles

Lately, I’ve been loving the CharityMiles app for my iPhone.  Right before you walk, run or bike…you select which charity you prefer and throughout your workout the app keeps track of your distance.  As the miles rack-up you’re simultaneously taking great care of yourself while earning money for your charity of choice.

This week I accumulated 24 miles, all of it going towards the various available charities. I like to spread the love around! Anyway, it’s a fantastic idea and a great organization, so it’s totally worth doing it!

Yesterday’s 10 mile run was beyond wonderful! SO much better than last weekend’s long run.  At one point towards the end I actually thought to myself, ‘I could run at this pace forever’. Massive exaggeration, but you get the point.  I felt comfortable and strong. No walk breaks needed. It was definitely a great one!

Afterwards, I rushed home got ready and we hit the road.  A six-hour round-trip visit to see my cousins.  On only five hours of sleep, I was struggling during the ride home.  Fortunately, coffee makes all things possible.  Which is probably why I still haven’t been able to cut down on my caffeine consumption…

This morning I headed back out for an easy 3.5 mile run.  I ended up taking a bit of a hilly route, so that I could run along the Delaware River.  My thought was that perhaps just by looking at water it would somehow make it feel cooler out.  It didn’t work, but it was a beautiful and peaceful run!

Gotta go, there’s a lounge chair next to the pool with my beach towel all over it!


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