summer happenings

We’ve had a full and relatively busy third week of summer vacation.  Our six month old has developed a love for park swings…

Our five-year old for kites…

There’s a wonderful, carefree feeling that comes along with watching a child fly a kite. She had such a fantastic time with it. A reminder that sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring great happiness!

Speaking of great happiness…we also made a stop at Cold Stone Creamery this week.  Unfortunately, very little of it looked gluten, dairy and soy free…

However, they do have Sinless Smoothies.  The sweetener they use adds a bit of an artificial flavor to it, but it was still pretty good.   It was nice to be able to order something, so that I could sit with my girls and enjoy a bit of a treat too.

Tonight my daughter has her last Girl Scouts outing…a pizza party and then off to Build A Bear.  I have about 200 patches that I should have sewed onto her uniform by now (with my limited ability), but I guess I enjoy the challenge of last-minute scrambling!


2 thoughts on “summer happenings

  1. Oh, I feel your pain with the sewing of the patches! I have a girl scout and a boy scout, so it seems like they are always earning a new patch to be sewn. Yay? I found this awesome product in the Scout Shop called Badge Magic. It is this insanely sticky adhesive that is like a sheet of paper that you cut to fit your badges and then just stick it on like a sticker. They are AWESOME! They go through the wash with no signs of coming loose. In fact, I had one I had to remove, and that was a nightmare, it was stuck good! lol I was very skeptical of how well they work, but now it’s all I use. I suck at sewing, and it showed in my work. lol

    • thank you for the tip, i will DEFINITELY look into that! there’s been moments of total exasperation when i’ve considered staples…i didn’t do it, but it was reeeeal tempting 🙂

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