sweating on the run

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot about runners and The Sweat Test.  Basically, it’s a method of self-monitoring dehydration after a run.  The idea is that if you weigh yourself immediately before the run and then immediately after…the difference can be used to determine exactly how much water you need to drink. Every pound lost is equal to 16 oz of fluid.  This was one of the topics during #nuunchat yesterday.

I fully agree that this can be a great way for some people to monitor their dehydration, but I feel that to tout it as the best method for all runners is a mistake.

I’m not breaking new ground here by stating that everyone is different.  At the end of every run I am always about 2 pounds HEAVIER.  This is the case if I go for an 8 mile run, in the heat of summer, with no water and end up crawling my way to the scale with a virtual cotton field in my mouth.  It’s also the case if I head out for the same run and hydrate properly along the way.

This is how I react to running and the subsequent sweat loss.  It’s like my body thinks to itself…’ugh. here she goes again.  hold onto the water boys, she’s gonna need it later’.  So, if anything The Sweat Test aggrivates me.  Because if there’s one thing I want to see at the end of a long-ass run it’s a DECREASE in pounds.  Even if it is just temporary water weight loss!!

I realize that this is entirely too much information, but I’m just gonna put it out there…I feel that the best way for some runners to determine whether or not they’re properly hydrated doesn’t involve a scale, but instead their urine.  The Pee Test.  Simple. Not very fashionable to center a chat around, but effective nonetheless.  If your urine is dark after a run, drink up.  If it’s a normal/pale color…A+ for hydration baby! No high-tech gadgets or math equations necessary!


2 thoughts on “sweating on the run

  1. That’s so interesting! Yes- you’re so right about everyone being different- I’m surprised your body can hold onto that water, even in the heat. It’s so humid here- it sucks everything out and my clothes are always dripping wet. Pretty gross. 🙂

    • lol, well i do a fair amount of sweating too…it IS kinda nasty! i have a friend who bloats-up after every run, so the ‘sweat test’ wouldn’t work there either. definitely depends on the individual. i guess when it comes to hydration/replenishing electrolytes it’s best to just use common sense and not focus so much on one particular gauging-method. either that or the eventual dehydration-headache will clue us in 😉

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