prima ballerina

Not only was this past weekend Race Weekend, but it was also Dance Recital Weekend for our five year old daughter.

Rehearsal was on Saturday morning and she was scheduled for the afternoon show on Sunday.  We had to be at the school by 2:30PM which gave me plenty of time to run the 10k that morning, stop at the florist and be home in time to get both of us ready to go.

She did a fantastic job for both her ballet and tap routines. The recital was 2.5 hours…a bit long, but it went by quickly.  It’s impossible for your heart not to melt when those little girls take the stage.  Even for the groups that my daughter wasn’t dancing with!  The costumes were adorable and the girls were beyond precious!

This was her second year taking tap and ballet.  Over the weekend, she mentioned that come the Fall she might want to take gymnastics instead.  While I’ll miss the ridiculously adorable tutus and ballet slippers, I think gymnastics would be a great fit for her personality.  She tends to try to shake things up during class…only my kid would show up at ballet and as they get started yell out “LET’S ROCK N ROOOOLLLL”!!  So, yeah…a higher energy program might work out even better next year.


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