the beach

It’s amazing that what started out as a long holiday weekend is already over.  It went by entirely too fast.  We had guests staying with us for most of it.  On Sunday we went to not one but two parties.  Then yesterday I made the trip out to Long Island to visit my Aunt.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day.

I am absolutely in love with her town.  She lives right on the beach, from her dining room you can look out the windows and enjoy an amazing view of the ocean.  We put her balcony to good use before I left…soaking up the sun’s rays, relaxing and chatting about everything.  I rarely get to spend time with her alone, so it was a really nice opportunity.

It was hard getting myself up off that lounge chair and back into my car for the ride home.  Eventually, I managed it and I lucked-out…not one stitch of traffic between Long Island and Pennsylvania.  On Memorial Day no less?!  Doesn’t get much better than that!


2 thoughts on “the beach

    • thank you, it was! unfortunately, my aunt was recovering from knee surgery, so i was there mainly to help her get used to moving around and going out on her own again…but she did really well and i’m looking forward to her feeling 100% again 🙂

      lol, you did! i think you mentioned it in a previous comment…small world!

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