another mother runner: the books

Recently, I discovered Another Mother Runner and I quickly became obsessed.  I started out with their podcasts.  I’d never given podcasts a try before, but my ‘long run’ had just crossed the 7 mile mark and I was starting to find my playlist rather uninspiring.  I can’t stand listening to audio books, so I was extremely surprised when I discovered that I LOVE listening to these podcasts!

I’ve never had a ‘running buddy’ before.  In fact, aside from races, I always run alone.  Listening to Sarah and Dimity chat about a topic that I am so currently in to right now was fantastic.  The 30(ish) minute episodes were going by entirely too fast.

So, after listening to several shows, I decided to check out their books.

In a careless, sleep-deprived moment I accidentally bought Train Like A Mother (TLAM) first (the second of the series).  Obviously, I wish that I had read Run Like A Mother (RLAM) first, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter.  I enjoyed both of them immensely.

RLAM is geared a little more towards the newbie and of course TLAM offers up lots of advice on planning and training schedules for a variety of races.  In my opinion it’s the real life experiences they share, the anecdotes, the frustrations and running related girlfriend-like chit-chat that really made these fun to read.

With so many sources out there for all things running Another Mother Runner offers up a unique and real-life perspective for women who are trying to raise children, balance all of the responsibilities that come along with it AND find the drive, motivation and dedication to fit running into their lives.  It’s a great place to find support when you need a reminder that we deserve a few hours a week to exercise our bodies and as a result return from a run refreshed and ready to do it all over again.

“When you’re commanding a ship of people who rely on you to sometimes obnoxious degrees, finding the time, energy, and inspiration to jump overboard and get out the front door alone can be as challenging as the run itself.” ~ RLAM


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