the running mama

Recently, a friend of mine was kind enough to give me a SeatPak as a ‘welcome baby‘ gift.  The idea is that you attach this to the infant car seat and it functions as a mini-diaper bag.

The first thing I noticed was that it was way more roomy than I initially thought.  I tossed a bunch of stuff in there and I still had room to spare.

It’s such a great idea and it’s the perfect/compact size.  I knew I was going to use it, but honestly I wasn’t entirely sure when.  Most times I’m on the run with both girls.  I don’t even take the car seat out of the car, I just put baby girl into the Bjorn and I wear my current diaper bag across my chest…messenger style.

Obviously, I can just carry the SeatPak in, but usually we’re away from the car for a couple of hours and in that case I want eeeeverything that I could possibly need.  My diaper bag not only holds stuff for the baby, but also for me AND my oldest.

Then the other morning we were getting ready to walk over to the bus stop.  I was grabbing only the essentials, since we would be quick and close to home.  I started tossing stuff in the tiny storage area under the seat when I had a EUREKA! moment.  The SeatPak…

I can toss our stuff in, attach it to the handle bar and I don’t even have to stop running in order to reach everything.  Holy PERFECTION!


4 thoughts on “the running mama

    • absolutely. the velcro strap is solid, it didn’t budge. i’ll definitely start using it for when i’m running errands too, but whether the creator knows it or not…this thing was meant for a baby jogger!! not only do i have her stuff in it, but i can also toss in my gels/shot bloks for refueling during a run 🙂

  1. Wow- that looks so convenient! I’ve never heard of the Seatpak, but might have to look into one. I saw you’re in PA- that’s where I was born! It’s such a beautiful state. Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to connect with you!

    • it really is! i think they just started selling them at walmart 🙂

      i’m originally from jersey, my husband and i moved out to pennsylvania over ten years ago and we LOVE it here. i agree, it’s very beautiful…offers up some wonderful scenery during my runs!!

      thank YOU for returning the visit!!

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