mother’s day

So, it wasn’t exactly the Mother’s Day Weekend that I was envisioning…

My husband decided to order a new work wardrobe last week and as it turned out everything arrived on our doorstep Friday.  Which meant that I had double the amount of laundry and ironing to do.  *super* 

We were expecting company on Saturday, but they ended up cancelling their visit. This was was totally okay with me, but by the time I got in touch with my neighbor he had already finished his run. *damn*  No biggie though, I’ve never had a ‘running buddy’ before, so I was prepared to go for a run on my own that afternoon. 

Then my engine light came on.   And of course it did.  Why wouldn’t it come on?  I had just crossed the 200,000 mile mark last week.

In a few days, I’m about to embark upon a six hour round trip Girl Scout outing with my daughter.  So, after freaking out about it for a while, I jumped in the car and headed to the service station. They were about to close and wouldn’t look at it.  Great.

I headed home, swapped yet another load of laundry and headed out for a quick 4 mile run.  It was actually pretty fantastic.

We spent some time out on the deck afterwards.

Came across this little guy…

And enjoyed fajitas for dinner.  A sure sign that summer is approaching.  I found gluten-free tortillas at the food store and this was my first time trying them.

Taste-wise they were pretty good, but as for texture they didn’t come close.  That seems to be the issue for most g-free foods.  Particularly bread items.  There’s something about gluten that gives things that yummy, doughy, signature texture that is apparently difficult to recreate without it.  Regardless, I was excited that I found them and they were good enough that I would certainly buy them again.

On Sunday I went out for an early morning 8 mile run.  Got home, rushed around, grabbed my daughter’s soccer gear and headed out to practice.

Well.  Apparently they decided that no one (other than me) would show-up on Mother’s Day, so practice was cancelled.  I discovered this as I pulled up to the empty soccer field. *sigh*

But I was able to get in some family time, some running time, my daughter had a Mother’s Day treasure hunt for me (I was instructed to run around the house and find all of the pictures she made for me) and I got a $100 gift card to Road Runner Sports…sweet!!!  That gift card…totally spent already!


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