Tomorrow morning I have to be up and out of the house by 7:30AM.  I’d like to say that it’s for this weekend’s long run, but nope…it’s to register my five-year-old for summer activities.  Registration doesn’t actually start until 9:00AM.  The location is only about 15 minutes away, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and now know I need to show up at least an hour early.

The first time I went I arrived 30 minutes ahead of time.  Swimming lessons were full by the time I got within view of the registration table.  The seasoned parents knew to arrive obnoxiously early.  It’s like old school ticketmaster, when you used to physically camp-out in front of a booth for concert tickets.  Except now we camp-out for swim and cheerleading lessons.  People arrive with their coffee, newspapers/books and lawnchairs.  I haven’t spotted a cooler yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

From there I have to rush over to my daughter’s dance studio…the second time in less than 48 hours. The first time we had to leave straight from the bus stop to get there in time to change into her recital costume for picture day.

Tonight was her Daisy Troop Meeting.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time this afternoon frantically sewing on three of her latest badges.  I have spent more time this school year with needle and thread in hand than I care to count.  You would think that at this point I’d actually be pretty good at it.  Unfortunately, it still looks as though my daughter sewed them on herself…

And Sunday we have soccer…

As for the little one, she’s just gotta grin and bear it.  Poor kid gets schlepped along to everything!!


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