Saturday morning I rolled out of bed bright (dark actually) and early.  By sunrise I was suited-up and ready to go.  On the agenda…my first 8 mile run.  Ever.

Before I even left the house it was starting out not so fantastic.  I got sidetracked with laundry and ended up ten minutes behind schedule (I hate being late, even when there’s no one waiting for me).  While tossing clothes into the dryer I realized that my favorite running pants were a part of the sopping wet load and wouldn’t be ready in time. *sadness*  As I was heading out I decided to give my stuffed-up nose one more opportunity to clear out.  This resulted in an instant nosebleed.  I had visions of me running down the road with blood streaming from my face and splattering my shirt.  Super.

Still determined to head out, I stuffed a couple of tissues (just in case) into my running belt and finally made it out the door.  I was greeted with clouds.  Big ugly, dark, storm clouds.  Frig.  It was supposed to be sunny?!  I briefly considered heading back in to hit the treadmill and save my long run for the next day.  Instead, I grabbed my phone and quickly checked the weather.  It looked ok and at that point I was pretty psyched for a possible 8 miles.  So off I went.  I got about five minutes from home before I realized that I forgot my gel.  8 miles…no re-fuel.  Nice.

I think it’s safe to say that by the time my Mizuno’s hit the pavement I was not expecting great things. 

Fortunately, I didn’t have anything to worry about. I ended up having a really good run. My pace wasn’t anything amazing…around a 10:00 mile. But I felt strong and comfortable the entire time. No walk breaks needed.

I was running on a main road in our town.  It was my first time on this route.  I didn’t anticipate all of the roadkill (!). But I managed to maintain enough spring in my step to launch over them when there wasn’t enough space to safely navigate around.  So, my first 8 miles with hurdles…complete!

The other thing I noticed during this run.  The amount of cars that honked at me.  Not because I was in the way, but as a greeting.  I’m not entirely sure if: a) I just happened to be running through an incredibly friendly area, b) if there was an unusual amount of perverts out that morning or c) if perhaps they were fellow-runners and this was kind of similar to the biker low-wave of acknowledgement???

Regardless, a pretty great long run.  Better still, no negative after effects!  Since there was no soreness and I was still feeling strong, I followed up the next day on the treadmill with an easy 3 miles (9:16 pace).  But today I hear Tony Horton calling my name.  5,000 push/pull-ups it is.  Interesting that suddenly an 8 mile run seems like my easy workout??


2 thoughts on “hurdles

  1. Great post:-) I,d say they were friendly joggers… I know when i,m driving and see someone running I always wish it was me running. I will have to motivate myself and get out again soon 😦

    • thanks! you’re probably right…i always get a little excited when i see another runner too, makes me want to catch up and start chatting about distance, paces, etc. 🙂 go for it!!!

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