how i roll

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ve mentioned once or thirty times that I’m working my way through the P90X2 program.  Shortly after starting I modified the schedule a bit.  I got rid of the yoga days and I never even gave Recovery + Mobility a try.  I needed the extra days for running and I like to take one day of complete rest every week.

At the beginning of every workout they foam roll.  I had never even heard of a foam roller before starting this program, so I certainly didn’t own one.  I used that time to do some traditional stretching and left it at that.  The whole rumble roller thing sounded a touch gimmicky to me.  And really…eighty bucks to flop around on a roller???  Ppppffftt.

But then I started seeing it eeeverywhere.  I noticed a large number of people obsessing over foam rolling!?  Which of course made me start to wonder: what was I missing out on??  So, I decided to phone-a-friend.  My go to friend for anything related to running and fitness.  She is my living-breathing-google.  She was shocked that I wasn’t already doing it.  She told me all about the benefits and how important it is for a person’s overall fitness as well as their recovery time post-workout.

Crap.  I should be doing this. Now.

That night I ran out and bought a foam roller.  It’s not the one I wanted.  It’s a little short and very wide.  But apparently I felt like this was a foam rolling emergency, so I bought it (only fifteen bucks!).  The next morning (yesterday) I foam rolled.

Dear. God. This is the single most masochistic device known to man?!?! That little piece of foam looked so harmless?! Pointless even?? But as I worked my legs (specifically my calves and IT band) my whole body was shaking with the pain. I was petrified that I was doing something wrong and would end up destroying a muscle. Many expletives were used during that hour. Yet I made it through in once piece.

Afterwards, my legs were sore as if it was the day after I did a really intense workout. Again, I kinda panicked that I did something wrong and messed up my legs. Then suddenly after about two hours *poof* the soreness was gone and I felt…great. And I wanted to…do it again?

So, I think maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’s not gimmicky after all. Maybe I’m gonna go roll right now…


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