feelin’ skirty

I’m not really a fitnista when it comes to workout clothes.  I have a couple of pairs of plain black pants that I absolutely love. They are ridiculously comfortable.  If I thought for one second that I could get away with wearing them even when I’m not exercising I totally would.  Unfortunately, I think the reflective stripes would give me away.

I’m usually all about comfortable workout gear.  It doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to be functional. And black.  Always black.

But…with summer around the corner and the promise of a lot of miles ahead of me I started thinking that maybe black pants aren’t exactly the best option when there’s heat and humidity going on.  So, I went ahead and ordered a RunningSkirt.  Unfortunately, I opted to not get the black one and instead tried to choose a lighter color.  I’m cool with purple.

It arrived yesterday and I have a couple of issues with it.  I ordered it off of amazon and the sizing chart offered up ranges of ‘4-6’ or ‘8-10’.  Currently, I’m a very comfortable size 6. So, I ordered the 4-6.  Hhhmm.  They’re cut a little small.  It definitely fits and the next size up would be too roomy, but I would have liked a touch more wiggle room.  Even though I’m down to my pre-preg weight, I still do have a good bit of toning to do.  It’s never been more evident to me that a woman’s ‘pre-preg weight’ and ‘pre-preg size’ are two entirely different things.  So, if I have my way, in another few weeks this skirt will fit perfectly!

The other issue…it’s got a mesh ‘brief’ under there and not shorts.  This is totally my fault.  I didn’t read the description thoroughly.  If I had, that probably would have been a deal-breaker.  I like having the additional coverage that a ‘skort’ provides.  Looking at this brief makes me think…holy chafing.  Still, I’ll give it a shot.  On my treadmill.  With my black pants nearby at the first sign of a wardrobe malfunction.

As for the Sweaty Band, I’m pretty excited about giving it a try.  I can’t seem to find a headband that will stay in place while I’m working out.  Typically, I either wear a baseball cap or finish up looking a bit like Einstein at the end of my run.

Definitely not cool.

So, despite of its unfortunate name, I’m curious to see if the Sweaty Band can hang in there.  If it does, I’m totally buying the Philly one for the Rothman 8k!!


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