interstate running

Well, that didn’t take long.  On Saturday afternoon, my brandy new treadmill arrived!

My husband went with a friend to go pick it up.  He had originally stopped on Friday after work, but apparently the guys at the store laughed when they saw his CAR.  This thing is a behemoth. His friend was kind enough to make the trip back with him in his truck and also help get it downstairs into my workout room.

The treadmill was put together and ready to go by Sunday morning. We had such a hectic weekend going on, I really didn’t have time to play around with it.  So, I headed outside for my run instead.  Monday was a XT day, but after I finished up my workout I couldn’t bring myself to pass by without giving it a bit of a go.  I hopped on, messed around with the controls for a bit, then cracked-out a quick 1.2 mile run.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles on it and yesterday I upped it to 6 miles with a 9:47 pace.  I am in love with my new treadmill.  However, I can understand how a person might get bored on it.  All those miles, all that time, absolutely nothing of interest to look at.  By mile 4 I found myself considering plastering the room with Hey Girl posters before a few gulps of Gatorade pulled me out of my dehydration/boredom induced delirium.

Things looked a little brighter yesterday when I discovered that I can hook my iphone up to it and listen to my music without headphones…which is awesome.  And really, my options are limited to either run and be a little bored or don’t run at all.  So, I’m pretty excited about my treadmill runs.  The other benefit…they’re calling for ‘heavy downpours’ on Sunday. *shrug* Whatever.  I’ll still be running, nice and dry (sorta) in the comfort of my own home.

This must be the reason for the ridiculous looking grin on my face while I was running.

So, obviously the running thing is going really well right now.  I feel like with the consistency a treadmill will bring to my schedule I should definitely see some improvement with endurance and maybe a bit of speed.  I’m looking forward to it!

In other running related news.  The ‘race calendar’ is beginning to fill up 🙂

I’m pretty excited about next weekend’s 5k, the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge

After that, in a sudden bout of insanity, I agreed to join a team for a 92-mile relay race

Then off to NYC in August for The Color Run

Down to Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon 10k

Finishing up for the year in Philadelphia with the Rothman 8k.  Yeah, that treadmill will probably end-up being a really good investment!


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