our groove

Our little one is already around 3.5 months old.  We seem to be finding our groove here.  After an extremely rough start (hello colic!), she’s becoming more and more of what one would expect from a typical baby.  When she gets upset these days there’s always a reason and always a solution.

She gives us tons of smiles and treats us to those wonderful sounding giggles.  It seems like her big sister gets the majority of them, which is fine by me.  It’s so incredible seeing how much they love each other already.

There are still tough days.  Mainly the ones when for whatever reason she doesn’t nap well.  But overall her naps took shape pretty quickly and she sleeps most of the night…waking only once anywhere between 2-5 AM.

Thankfully, she’s learned to love the Bjorn!  She only tolerated it when she was facing in, but now that she can face out and see the world she’s quite content in it.

I manage to get my older one up, fed, dressed and on the school bus everyday.  Take care of errands, cleaning, laundry and still find time to workout for at least an hour a day.  But as I glance at the calendar and see the school year dwindling down I can only imagine what the summer will be like!!  My oldest is extremely active and always on the go.  Hopefully, by the time baby reaches six months she’ll be very easy going because our quiet days at home will be replaced with constant outdoor activities!!


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