philly marathon weekend

Registration opened yesterday for Philadelphia’s Marathon Weekend

I’ve been doing a really good job sticking to my workout schedule and getting back into shape (since baby#2  arrived).  BUT, at this point I couldn’t see myself being able to run a half-marathon anytime soon.  Even if I do have seven months to train.  With two kids in the house (one 5 and one 3.5 months), a husband who works long hours and school closing for summer vacation right around the corner…I can’t imagine having a whole lotta’ time to dedicate to training this year.  So….my friend and I registered for the Rothman Institute 8k!!!

I’m really excited about doing this.  I’ve participated in random/local 5k’s before, but never anything with a higher distance and never anything this big.  I’m very much looking forward to not only running it, but also being a part of the entire experience.

I’m trying to fit in no less than three days of running a week.  Sometimes, if my husband’s work schedule permits I manage to get in four days.

I worry about keeping up with this routine and that’s my biggest issue right now…it’s a pain in the a*s having to rely on someone else to get your workouts in.  It’s so much easier to just go down into the home gym and get it done whenever.  So, I’m going to have to be truly dedicated to keeping up.  My hope is that as I continue it will seem like less of a pain to fit in and more like a habit.

I’ve only been back to running for a few weeks, but my miles are definitely moving in the right direction.  Yesterday I ran five miles, my longest run since baby arrived and a relief to know that there’s no question as to whether or not I can actually finish an 8k!

But come 2013 I’ll be all over that half-marathon!!


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