crazy sexy diet

I’m not big on ‘diets’.  I’ve always gotten more success from making smart nutritional choices, portion control and regular exercise.  About nine years ago, I got tired of a lifetime of fluctuating weight.  Almost my entire family was overweight and my mother was an absolute health-catastrophe.  I suddenly got very concerned about my future quality of life.

Instead of jumping on one of the many fad-diet-bandwagons.  I started working out…a lot.  A mix of high-intensity cardio, strength training and yoga.  I also started eating right, zero cheating…all the time.  The weight came off slowly but surely.  In the end, I probably lost somewhere between 50-60 pounds.  After my first daughter, within eight months I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight and now…less than 3 months after my second…I only have five more pounds to lose.

So, long story…longer.  I’m not one to go out and buy a ‘diet’ book, but a few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me her copy of Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr.

I think she may have shared it with me because of the small section on gluten-free…whatever the reason I’m glad that she did.

I liked a lot of what Carr had to say.  Her story is inspiring and her enthusiasm (sometimes a bit over the top) is infectious!  I don’t plan on following every single aspect of her program, but based on some of her guidelines there are definitely some changes that I plan to make.

For example, I totally don’t eat enough fresh veggies.  It’s been bugging me for a while, I used to do a much better job with it.  Starting this week, that’s changing…

I’ve also never tried a juicer before.  I purchased my first one over the weekend and spent most of Monday night figuring out how to use it and then making Carr’s ‘Green Juice’.  Now. I cannot tell a lie.  It was nasty.  Nasty in a sense that there’s really no kidding yourself…you are totally drinking a vegetable garden.  While that doesn’t make for the tastiest beverage, it does make for an extremely nutritious one!

The ‘Green Guru’ Smoothie was much better than the juice.  I’m planning on alternating juice/smoothie days.  And I’m also hoping to start experimenting with recipes as I become more comfortable with the process.

So, while I didn’t find Crazy Sexy Diet to be as life changing as The China Study (or anything by Michael Pollan), I did still find it interesting and definitely inspiring!

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we ate real food!” ~ Kris Carr


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