my valentine

I was never really big on Valentine’s Day.  I mean, it’s always nice to be on the receiving end of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or an occassional piece of jewelry…but I never got completely swept away with it all.

Then I suddenly found myself with a daughter.  A daughter who absolutely adores anything pink…and hearts are a huge bonus. So, you can just imagine her excitement when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Regardless of my previous (non) feelings for it, I now find myself enjoying it.  It’s nearly impossible to not get carried away with celebrating the holidays when there are kids involved!

This past week has been all about Valentine’s Day preparation.  Including putting together 43 goodie bags for her friends, classmates and girl scout troop.  After getting her on the bus this morning and putting the little one down for her nap I proceeded to blow up balloons so I’ll be prepared for some surprise decorating after she goes to bed tonight.

So, yeah.  I’m having fun with Valentine’s Day lately…


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